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10 Ways to Make it to Your Next Paycheck When You’re Broke

Many of us have been in a place where after paying our bills, we had $5 left to our name.

Or maybe you’re waiting for your first paycheck from a new job and have to live on whatever is left in your bank account.

Whatever your situation is, I’m here to tell you that there are things you can do right away to help your financial situation and make some extra cash.

Plus, they’ll help you get more organized in the process.

1. See what food you have on hand

This first thing to do is take an inventory of all the food in your home. 

Do you have enough food to make it until you get paid? If yes, that’s great! 

If not, can you get creative with what ingredients you have to make meals?

One resource you can use to put together meals is the Supercook app! You simply input all of the ingredients you have on hand and it generates recipes for you.

If you don’t want to download another app, you can also use

2. Look for extra cash or change lying around

Now’s the time to break out your change jar and look for any other cash you may have around your home.

Check old purses or wallets, under furniture, in clothes pockets, and drawers.

Also check your car for change that may have fallen under the seats.

Any money you can find will help you buy gas and/or food if needed.

3. Declutter your home and find some items that you can sell

While you’re searching for extra change lying around, you can also look for items to sell on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay.

If you don’t feel comfortable selling online, you could have a garage sale!

4. Cancel all subscription services possible

The last thing you want when you’re down to the last $5 in your bank account is for that money to be taken by an unnecessary subscription service.

If you don’t have money to buy gas or food, then you definitely don’t have money for a subscription.

Examples of subscriptions to cancel are:

  • Netflix
  • Cable
  • Music streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, etc.)
  • App subscriptions
  • Amazon Prime
  • Meal kits
  • Subscriptions boxes
  • Online gaming services

5. Offer services to neighbors/friends/family for some extra cash

Do you know anyone in need of having some odd jobs done?

Reach out to neighbors and friends/family close by to see if they could use some help.

Some great ideas for services to try are:

  • Babysitting
  • Tutoring
  • Cleaning
  • Dog walking
  • Packing/moving
  • Caregiving
  • Selling baked goods

6. Ask your local Buy Nothing Facebook group for items you need

If you have a Facebook account, see if there’s a Buy Nothing group in your area.

These are hyper-local groups where people give things away for free – no strings attached. You just have to go pick them up!

And the best part is that you can ask the group if they have a specific thing you need.

7. Donate Plasma

Have you donated plasma before? Well, you may want to consider it to make some extra cash.

On average, people earn $50 – $75/appointment, but you can earn up to $1,100 in your first month of donating.

Check out to learn more and see if there are any plasma donation centers near you.

8. Accept invites for free food

Is a friend asking you over for dinner or a family member want to take you out for drinks? Say yes!

Or if there’s leftover food in your work breakroom that would be thrown away, take it home.

Say yes to the generosity of others when you are struggling financially so that you can give back later on.

9. Work on lowering any bills/spending you can

Now’s the time to really fine-tune your budget and see if you can get some expenses down.

If you’re able to lower an upcoming bill, that may free up some cash you can use on necessities. 

You may also want to consider putting away a little bit of your future paychecks into savings as soon as you get paid. This is also known as “paying yourself first.”

 It doesn’t have to be a lot, but even $20 would be better than saving nothing. And you’ll have it when you need it.

10. Seek out local food banks and churches for assistance

If all else fails, food banks and churches are here to help.

Many of us want to self-reliant, and that’s great! But please don’t go hungry.

Food banks and food pantries exist for the sole purpose of helping you and your community when you’re struggling financially.

There is no shame in seeking help. You can always give back later on.

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