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40 Practical Ways You Can Save Money Every Single Day

James Clear said in his famous book, Atomic Habits, “If you get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done.”

I believe that when it comes to saving money, every little thing you do adds up.  

That’s why I’m sharing many of the frugal habits that my fiancé and I do every day to help us save money and minimize waste.

Be sure to download your free daily money saving checklist to print out and get started saving!

Once you have been doing these 40 frugal habits for long enough, they will become a regular part of your daily routine. Meaning, you will save money without even thinking about it anymore!

You can also treat this checklist as a game for you and your family! 

Get everyone involved in saving money and living more frugally. 

    1. Use the AC and heat as sparingly as possible

    This is my number one tip on the list because energy prices are always increasing and generally do not cool with overall inflation. 

    So it is a good idea be mindful every day about how much air conditioning and heat you are using. Here are some ways you can do that:

    • Turn off your thermostat whenever possible
    • Use fans and open windows to cool down
    • Put on more clothes and thick socks to warm up
    • Use space heaters, blankets, and fireplaces to stay warm

    2. Use a pea size amount of toothpaste

    Covering your whole toothbrush with toothpaste is too much! The recommended amount of toothpaste for adults is about the size of a pea on a soft bristle or electric toothbrush.

    3. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth

    4. See how fast you can take a shower

    And try not to let the water run for too long after you turn it on. (I’m guilty of this – lol!)

    5. Use a little less shampoo, conditioner, and body wash/soap

    6. Take care of your health

    This is the most important tip on the entire list, if we’re being honest. Not taking care of yourself could cost you the most money in the long run. That’s why is SO IMPORTANT to take care of your health now. 

    Make sure you are getting your yearly exams, eating well, exercising, and taking care of your mental health – if those things are recommended by your doctor.

    Being proactive about your health now will likely save you tons of money in the future. 

    7. Do laundry during off-peak hours

    Many energy companies charge more for using your washer/drying during peak hours, which can vary by provider. 

    Generally, during the summer, you want to wash your clothes in the morning. Energy usage peaks during the late morning and hot afternoons.

    During the winter, peak hours are early in the morning. So the best time to wash your clothes is at night.

    8. Start your washer only when you have a full load

    9. Wash your clothes in cold water as much as possible

    Did you know that washing clothes in warm water costs significantly more than cold water?

    According to a scientist at The Clorox Company, “Hot water requires much more energy per load, with about 75-90 percent of the total energy used going toward heating the water.”

    When in doubt, choose cold water for your clothes, unless they are heavily soiled.

    10. Make your morning beverage at home

    11. Unplug appliances that you are not using

    Believe it or not, unplugging appliances can actually save you some money! The United States Department of Energy reports that homeowners can save anywhere between $100 and $200 each year by unplugging devices not in use.

    12. Keep track of the expiration dates of your food

    This is my top tip for reducing waste. I check my fridge, freezer, and pantry often to see what is expiring so I know what to eat first!

    13. Break your fast with foods that will keep you fuller for longer

    14. Try to minimize doing dishes to once or twice a day

    I realize that this might not be possible for some larger families. But for my family, we usually only do dishes once a day (after dinner) to save time and water.

    15. Use less water when washing dishes

    16. Also use less dish soap

    Many dish soaps, like Dawn, are concentrated liquid. You only need a few drops or up to a teaspoon for a sink full of dirty dishes.

    17. Pack a lunch for work or eat the food you have at home for lunch

    It’s a great idea to plan what you’re going to pack for lunch the night before.

    18. Keep snacks in your car or in your bag when you leave home

    Having snacks (and drinks) with you can help reduce the temptation for convenience purchases.

    19. Minimize the number of times you go out

    Try to batch all of your errands in one or two trips a week.

    20. Avoid sitting in the car with the engine running

    As soon as you get to your destination, don’t sit in the car on your phone. Turn the car engine off first to save on gas.

    21. Use the Upside app to get cash back every time you get gas

    This my absolute favorite app to save money on gas. It’s SO EASY. 

    All you do is search in the app to find a gas station offering cash back, go to the participating gas station, fill up your tank, and submit your receipt.

    And BOOM! You get cash back within a couple days. 

    Use our referral code XWVMK to get a 15 cent/gallon BONUS when you submit your first receipt.

    22. Avoid convenience purchases at all costs

    Convenience purchases are basically anything that’s not in your meal plan. Here are some examples:

    • Fast food drive thrus
    • Single serve sodas and drinks from a convenience store
    • Taquitos from the gas station
    • Vending machine foods/drinks
    Always have drinks and snacks with you when you go out so you can avoid convenience purchases.

    23. Drink more water

    Water helps to keep you hydrated, fuller longer, and keeps you from drinking other more expensive beverages.

    Ditching the bottle water and drinking tap water is also going to save you a TON of money.

    Why? Because 4,878 bottles of water could be filled with tap water for $2.10. That’s astonishing. 

    So every time you buy a bottle of water for $1, you’re paying 2,279 times what would if you just filled that bottle with tap water. 

    24. Plan what you're going to have/cook for dinner

    In the early afternoon, start to think about what you’re going to cook or prepare for dinner. Try to use up any expiring food.

    If you’ve already meal planned for the week, think about how you make the cooking process as quick and efficient as possible.

    25. Say yes to free stuff

    Have a friend ask you to come over for dinner? Did a coworker bring some snacks to share at work?

    Say YES to kindness and generosity of others.

    26. Keep your budget up to date

    It’s so important to track your spending on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. 

    Know where your money is going so that you can keep spending in check.

    27. Check your bank account and credits cards for unwanted charges

    28. Say no to things you don't want to do

    Life is short, and things are getting more expensive. 

    If you don’t want to go out for drinks, or go out to that overpriced restaurant everyone is raving about, it’s ok to say no.

    29. Turn off lights in the rooms you are not using

    30. Serve smaller dinner potions to minimize waste

    Serve just a little less food than you normally would. 

    If you’re still hungry after finishing your plate, then you can always go back for seconds. 

    31. Freeze any foods that would be thrown out to use in future recipes

    Got some leftover veggies that would be thrown out after dinner? Freeze them. They can be eaten later or made into a soup or many other dishes.

    32. Run the dishwasher only when it is full

    33. Avoid online shopping

    If you find yourself online shopping when you’re bored, it important to acknowledge that you are shopping, and then avert your attention to something else. 

    34. Take advantage of free entertainment from the library

    One of the best places to get free entertainment is at the library! With a library card, you can access books, movies, audiobooks, community events, and much more for zero dollars. Stop by your local library to see what they have to offer.

    35. Find free events to attend in your city

    A simple Google search of “free events near me” will show you a multitude of free events in your community!

    36. Leave your debit/credit cards and cash at home when you shop for fun

    37. Limit time playing games and scrolling on your phone

    Doom scrolling is an opportunity to see ads and tempt you to spend money. Try and limit the time you’re spending on your phone and do something that will help you reach your financial goals instead.

    38. Avoid fast food trips and delivery services

    Door dash and Uber eats will drain your bank account as fast as Amazon purchases.

    Have your meal plan in place, or at the least shop at the grocery store for your meals.

    39. Read blog posts or watch videos on personal finance and frugal living

    Continuing to learn more about finance, budgeting, and frugality will help support many goals in your life.

    Take a little time every day to continue your financial education. You won’t regret it.

    40. Look at all the ways you saved money today and plan how you can do more tomorrow!

      We hope you enjoyed these practical ways to save money every day! Let us know in the comments below if there are any other ways you save money on a daily basis.

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