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20 Timeless Frugal Living Tips To Save You Thousands
I’ve read hundreds of frugal living ideas like meal planning (which is awesome) to less desirable tips like keeping your house at 60 degrees in the winter. The tips below are ones that I have done...
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How to Live Luxuriously on a Budget: 10 Clever Tips
I think it’s human nature to long for wealth and desire luxury items and experiences. The problem is that most of us don’t start out wealthy. It’s something that has to be built (typically)...
11 Practical Ways to Reuse Egg Cartons
One of the coolest aspects of frugality is finding clever ways to reuse and repurpose items that would normally be thrown away. Here are 11 practical and clever uses for egg cartons.
72 Healthy Frugal Foods to Buy When Money is Tight
I’ve been seeing quite a few posts on Facebook lately about people trying to save money on groceries. Prices keep going up and income is not keeping up with inflation. It’s especially tough...